Why Generation 'Connected' values innovation, and how that affects their purchasing behavior.

Waggener Edstrom has provided PSFK with generous support throughout 2012 and is the Official Agency Partner of the PSFK Conference Series. We asked them to share their take on the meaning of ‘Innovation' in 2012.  If you plan on joining us this week at PSFK LONDON 2012, be sure to say hello!

According to some, innovation is not what we think it is, is going in the wrong direction or has maybe even been absconded by marketing as a buzzword. This debate has been raging for years now.

Well, with respect to the naysayers, I say get over it. And it appears that many in the so-called “Generation Connected” (or Gen C) are in the same camp as me. In fact, some new research conducted by our agency, Waggener Edstrom Worldwide, indicates that for this group, innovation has become the very air they breathe; more than just desirable, it is critical for their survival and advancing society.

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