Website Chooses Daily Outfits Based On The Weather

Website Chooses Daily Outfits Based On The Weather

'Wevther' will do the footwork for you and pick out a gallery full of temperature-appropriate outfits.

Karen Summerson
  • 25 september 2012

Have you ever spent a considerable amount of time mulling over your closet, wondering what to wear? You’re not sure weather it will rain or snow, if you’ll need a jacket – wouldn’t it be easier to just let someone else do it?  For those who need some help, a new website called will use GPS to track your location, giving the temperature and a gallery of weather-appropriate outfits – all of which can be purchased.

The service works with Svpply, “a curated collection of the world’s best products and stores,” to stock their galleries, which are refreshed every 10 minutes. does provide lengthy disclaimers for its services, citing the impossibility of choosing the perfect clothing options in freak or fluctuating weather conditions. Its creators, relay this message:

[We] are just two people doing this for fun on the side of our jobs. Neither of us are experts in writing recommendation algorithms. We aren’t backed by venture capital. Those shouldn’t be excuses for anything less than a great product, but they’re the realities.

Despite the incongruencies involved, it’s worth a look – you might just find today’s perfect outfit.


Images via: Writer’sNetwork , WevtherCottonStyleFiles

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