Renowned Film Director Creates Robot Laser Installation [Video]


Chris Cunningham creates an intricate and futuristic visual artwork for the Audi City London project.

Yi Chen
  • 7 september 2012

British video artist Chris Cunningham is a highly regarded music video film director who pushes the boundaries when it comes to visual displays. He has worked with acclaimed musicians including Björk, Madonna, and Aphex Twin. In his latest collaboration with Audi City London, Cunningham created a live installation that combines film, music, art, and technology. The project titled ‘Jaqapparatus 1’ involves two laser-firing robots interacting in a ‘brutal mating ritual-cum-war.’

The dark and high-tech sci-fi set was unveiled last month at the Audi City London store. The surreal display was watched by spectators who were ‘blown away’ by the visual effects and the unique sounds that accompanied the movements.

Cunningham speaks to the installation’s setup:

Mounted on the robots heads are powerful lasers which they use to attack, repel and communicate with each other, a kind of duel, a surreal mating display which sees each machine trying to dominate the other.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the Jaqapparatus:

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