Behance: The Joy Of Running, The Love Of Japanese Monsters & More Creative Inspiration

Behance: The Joy Of Running, The Love Of Japanese Monsters & More Creative Inspiration

In this week’s column from the Behance Network we see the projects that are both made by and inspiring today’s young creative professionals.

  • 8 september 2012

Each week, Behance Network– The Creative Professional Platform — brings us their picks for the most inspiring projects curated from their recent archives. Members create portfolios to broadcast their work widely and efficiently. Millions of visitors come to the Network to see the wide variety of work and find talent to hire. This week some creative inspiration to get you thinking and making.

One Shelley Street by Clive Wilkinson Architects (Culver City, CA)
This workspace design turned out part space station, part cathedral, and part vertical Greek village. [Project Link]

Runner’s World Feature by Jon Reinfurt (Audubon, NJ)
An illustration series capturing the joy of running on an international scale. [Project Link]

Save & Destroy by SILO (Manchester, United Kingdom)
After growing up dreaming of big monsters and superheroes, this group put together an exhibition to share the love of this phenomenon with others. [Project Link]

28. Oleg Dou by Flëve, Vit Abramov, and Olga Balina (New York, NY)
A classical aesthetic with a touch of modernity for a photographer’s first collector’s album. [Project Link]

Piquadro / Trade Catalog by Mirit Wissotzky and Manuel Dall’olio (Bologna, Italy)
A catalog that embodies the brand motto of “Craft + design = Italianity” for this elegant bags, suitcases and briefcases company. [Project Link]


Behance is a company that organizes the creative world to make ideas happen. Creative thinkers – the people with the most ideas – often struggle the most with organization and productivity. We aim to change that.


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