Crowdsourced Map Tells Cyclists What Are Really The Best City Bike Routes

Crowdsourced Map Tells Cyclists What Are Really The Best City Bike Routes

'Dynamic Connections' is a map of information and routes in Berlin, created by cyclists for cyclists.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

Dynamic Connections,’ created as part of a BMW Guggenheim Lab collaboration, is a crowdsourced bike map of information for cyclists in Berlin. It was created in an attempt to tackle the problems with traditional, often outdated bike maps and enables cyclists to mark the routes they frequently ride on a Google-based map. Then they can answer a number of questions about that route regarding traffic flow, number of parked cars, visibility, topography, and the density of amenities along the route. The information is processed using an algorithm that designates the route bicycle-friendly or -unfriendly, and the route is marked on the map in either green or red.

 Crowdsourced Map Tells Cyclists The Best City Bike Route

You can filter the map to see just the friendly routes, the streets with good access to amenities, those with safe intersections, etc. Dynamic Connections is currently only available in Berlin but the goal is for the map to be used in any city with cyclists willing to contribute.

Dynamic Connections

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