‘Pop-Up’ Dating Shop Lets Women ‘Browse’ Real Men In Window Displays

‘Pop-Up’ Dating Shop Lets Women ‘Browse’ Real Men In Window Displays

French dating site AdopteUnMec has created a shop with men displayed in toy-like boxes in windows where women can ‘shop’ the eligible bachelors.

Emma Hutchings
  • 14 september 2012

French dating site AdopteUnMec (“Adopt A Guy”) created a pop-up shop in Paris where men were displayed in toy-like boxes and women could ‘shop’ for the eligible bachelors. This traveling shop, which will soon be moving on to Brussels, Lausanna, Toulouse, and Lyon, is part of a creative campaign to promote the site’s services for bringing people together.

‘Pop-Up’ Dating Shop Features Real Men In The Window Displays

AdopteUnMec is free for women to use, and features a catalog of single men who can advertise themselves to potential partners. While standing in the pop-up boxes, the guys can perform any special talents they have like playing the guitar, or they can show off their physique by flexing their muscles.


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