10 Designs That Will Change The Cooking Experience [Pics]

10 Designs That Will Change The Cooking Experience [Pics]

A 'smart' spoon that tells you what you need to add to your meal to an at home molecular gastronomy machine, see the 10 finalists from the Electrolux Design Lab.

Karen Summerson
  • 21 september 2012

Electrolux Design has announced the 10 finalists for its 2012 Design Lab, featuring innovative solutions and creative gadgets to make your culinary escapades more pleasurable and impressive. Here are the top ten designs:


This coffee machine uses finger print recognition to create your perfect preference of coffee every time.

Smart Plate

For an extra touch of musical ambiance with your meal, the plate senses and analyzes the ingredients in your food and sends the dishes’ melodies to your phone.


This spoon uses receptors modeled after human taste buds to tell you what ingredients to add to your meal to make it culinary perfection!

Mo Sphere

You can experiment with molecular cooking like a professional chef when you add ingredients to this new gadget.


A refrigerated wall that helps you remember what you have to eat and adjusts its temperature to match the amount of items within it, saving energy.


A tree-like device that holds vacuum-sealed items in special pods that change color as the food ages. When the food has spoiled, the pods drop from the tree. It can also be controlled from your phone to heat up items, if you’re away from home.

Easy Stir

A magnetized device that stores power from your induction stove to stir anything, hands-free.


This creates flavored foam with thousands of flavor possibilities – use it to impress!

Aero Balls

Small, bubble-like spheres float in the air, purifying and scenting the room. They are charged by the sun, so they continue to float and light up at night.


A light, projector, kitchen assistant and entertainer in one, ICE creates engaging cooking and eating experiences in your home.

To see the 30 semi-finalist designs, visit the Electrolux Design Lab webpage.


Images courtesy of Electrolux Design.

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