Play Duck Hunt On Twitter With Hacked Nerf Gun

Play Duck Hunt On Twitter With Hacked Nerf Gun

In ‘Tweet To Shoot', a tweet-powered version of the popular game, anyone who tweeted with a specific hashtag could join in the fun.

Emma Hutchings
  • 20 september 2012

Neiman Labs created a tweet-powered nerf gun game using the Twitter API, an Arduino Uno microcontroller, and the classic Duck Hunt interface. ‘Tweet To Shoot‘ allowed players to join in this version of the classic video game and fire a Nerf dart at the duck. After tweeting with the hashtag #TweetToShoot, they could watch their shot and see their username on the scoreboard. Neiman Labs write:

The possibilities of physical and digital convergence go well beyond the face value of this experiment. We’re merely just scratching the surface of potential that microcontrollers and relay switches can provide. And while it might seem odd for an ad agency to branch out into engineering and robotics, we’re feeling like these assets all tie back to the communications toolbox of the future.

Tweet to Shoot


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