Toys That Help Turn Little Girls Into Engineers

Toys That Help Turn Little Girls Into Engineers

A new game encourages young kids to incorporate building, wiring and technology into their traditional playtime.

Karen Summerson
  • 24 september 2012

Traditional, gender-biased children’s toys have usually allocated technology-minded toys–like building sets and chemistry kits–to boys. More domesticated concepts of home-making and cooking are encouraged in girls’ playtime. However, a lack of female-presence in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math has caused concern, so much so that financial scholarships are now offered to women who study in STEM fields.

Designers like Maykah, who see the value of introducing concepts of technological engineering to young girls, have taken note. The new toy series, Roominate, allows young girls to design, build, decorate, and wire a room, suite, or chateau using a kit of modular pieces, much like a doll-house.

Offering an ‘endless’ amount of possibilities, children can build, rebuild, and redecorate the spaces again and again. However, its the engineering options included that really make this concept unique. Small lights and fans are included that girls can hook up, which actually work. The furniture and walls are also made of a dry-erase plastic, so they can be drawn on and embellished.

To find out more about the design and its premiere, visit the Roominate website. Prices range from $59-$225.


Images via Apartment Therapy, Parents-Choice blog

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