Photographer Recreates Film Scenes Using DIY Images In Real Locations [Pics]

Photographer Recreates Film Scenes Using DIY Images In Real Locations [Pics]

A New York amateur photographer recreates film scenes with grainy, self-printed, black and white images.

Karen Summerson
  • 28 september 2012

We all have favorite movie moments, those scenes with a memorable line or a great actor, and location is obviously a huge factor. In New York City alone, hundreds of locations have been pictured in famous films, such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Ghostbusters. One film fan, Christopher Moloney, has launched a blog called FILMography, where he prints a black and white picture of a famous movie scene in New York and takes it back to its original spot. By aligning the picture within the location, he creates a fun suspension of disbelief, where film and reality meet, and then he snaps a picture for his webpage

The blog, now very popular, has fans and critics, especially when it comes to the cheap black and white pictures used in the scenes. Many have speculated that the low-quality pictures have artistic symbolism, but Moloney insists, “I just have a black and white printer and color is expensive.”

Whether you’d call it art or an abomination, for the photographer, it’s just a hobby on the way to work.

View the gallery below for some of the pictures.





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