Organic Paper Keeps Food Fresh For Up To 3 Weeks

Organic Paper Keeps Food Fresh For Up To 3 Weeks

FreshPaper keeps fruits and vegetables from spoiling by inhibiting the growth of bacteria.

Yi Chen
  • 5 september 2012

Fenugreen, a U.S. based company, wanted to address the issue of food waste. Every day, tons of fruit and vegetables are thrown away due to spoilage. To help alleviate this problem, Fenugreen came up with the concept of ‘FreshPaper,’ which allows food to be kept fresher for longer.

FreshPaper is made from organic (edible!) material that slows down the growth of bacteria and fungi. By placing a sheet underneath the food, it’s likely to keep two to three time longer. One FreshPaper lasts for up to three weeks and can be recycled by placing it on the compost heap. A sample pack of eight sheets costs $4.99 and a value bundle of 80 sheets retails for $42.99.

Watch a video from TedxManhattan about the inspiration behind FreshPaper:


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