Flavored Mouthguard Make Safety More Palatable For Kids

Flavored Mouthguard Make Safety More Palatable For Kids

MOGO helps encourage kids to keep the protective equipment in their mouths by imbuing them with citrus flavors.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 14 september 2012

Training young athletes to use mouthguards may prove to be a challenge because of their unpleasant aftertaste and often uncomfortable feel, but this concept mouthguard might just get them interested. Designed by James Lua, the MOGO flavored Mouthguards features Mogo’s flavor-infused polymer innovation that lets the mouthguard hold flavors like fruit punch, orange, lemon and mint.

The flavored polymer also stimulates salivation so that users would keep the mouthguards on during contact sports, while its geometric design provides comfort while talking and breathing.

James Lua

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