3-in-1 Gyrobike Helps Kids Learn To Ride Faster [Video]

3-in-1 Gyrobike Helps Kids Learn To Ride Faster [Video]

Stabilizing front-wheel allows children to cycle without training wheels.

Yi Chen
  • 3 september 2012

The Gyrobike helps children ride a two-wheeled bike unassisted quicker in a three-step process. Unlike training wheels attached to the back of a bike, the Gyrobike utilizes a Gyrowheel at the front that helps young learners develop good habits when it comes to balance and body posture. The battery-powered Gyrowheel spins independently and uses the principle of gyroscopic precession to stablize the rider at low speeds.

The 3-in-1 Gyrobike has detachable pedals to initially help the young rider learn to balance and become comfortable with the bike. The second step is to replace the front wheel with the Gyrowheel and attach the pedals so the learner can get used to pedaling in an upright position. And the final step in the process is to remove the Gyrowheel and reattach the normal wheel once the rider is confident enough to go solo.

The Gyrobike will be available in Europe from 30 August and will retail for around $360. Watch the introductory video below to see how the bike works.

Gyrobike Europe

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