As PSFK explores how apps and technology can help jump start areas lacking in expertise.

Not sure how to complete a task or just looking for a little guidance around a specific topic? For today's workforce, it's becoming more likely that “there’s an app for that.” These tools cover a range of work-related topics from accounting and expenses to productivity and even language translation, placing instant expertise within easy reach.

While futurists of the past may have had a slightly different vision for how technology would impact the way find and access information and acquire new skills (plus flying cars), apps and other technology are quickly meeting these needs. As we explore the changing face of the modern workforce, we're seeing the demand for mobile, multi-disciplinary and entrepreneurial employees is increasing. The implications seem to point to a push for employees who will be already be well-versed in a variety of subjects, and will quickly be able to get up to speed in others.

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