Student Fanny Nilsson's 'Re-FEED' concept proposes a desktop device that grinds food waste into a pulp and sends the nutrients right into the roots of a plant.

This concept design by product design student Fanny Nilsson from the University of the Arts in London is an indoor composter that connects directly to house plants. Inspired by lacking food waste recycling infrastructures in flats and high-rise housing in central London, the urban waste project ‘Re-FEED' is a device that turns your organic waste into liquid fertilizer.

Compostable items are dropped into the ‘Re-FEED' and blades grind the waste into a pulp. Water is then added and through a drip system, the nutrients get fed right into the roots of a plant via an umbilical cord-like tube. Co.Design notes that forgetful users can also schedule this to happen at certain times so it automatically feeds your plants.

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