19 Stories You Need To Know Today

19 Stories You Need To Know Today

Private Facebook messages posted on users' walls, the unlikely profitable franchise of James Bond, and Apple to be the first trillion dollar company...Links to start your day with.

Karen Summerson
  • 25 september 2012

Private messages are reportedly being posted on Facebook users’ walls. BetaBeat

Advertising Age magazine compiling a list of 100 influential women in the field. NYTimes

Advertising brands are taking an interest in Instagram. BusinessInsider

Will the internet become conscious, like the human brain? BigThink

E-commerce will create a loss of 40 million retail jobs in the next 20 years. Reuters

Driver-less cars will change the world. Wired

Epic brand fails on Twitter. Mashable

Facebook revokes facial recognition tool. Telegraph

By 2015, Apple could be the first trillion dollar company. NYTimes

Linked In adds an endorsement tool to rate businesses. LinkedIn

Facebook is tracking your purchases. Mashable

$1 million Fab ad hits TV as a test run. Mashable

James Bond: the unlikely $5 billion franchise. VanityFair

NYC to get fashion – Gangnam style. Fashionista

Iran blocks Google for their upcoming domestic internet services. Mashable

Music screening is boosting number of downloads. PaidContent

Partnership of companies launches Google for Entrepreneurs. TechCrunch

Kickstarter project taken offline. Wired

MySpace had a major makeover and co-owner, Justin Timberlake, is calling it “sexy”. Mashable

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