Top Finalists In The James Dyson Design Competition

Top Finalists In The James Dyson Design Competition

Americans have claimed 7 out the 50 semi-finalist spots in the international competition.

Karen Summerson
  • 27 september 2012

The James Dyson Foundation is hosting their annual international competition for university students’ innovative design solutions. The grand prize is approximately $16,000 (£10,000) for both the winning student and their university department, funding more research and prototypes. In the semi-finalist stage of the competition, 7 of the 50 applicants are from American universities. Check out their designs below:


A modified bicycle used for harvesting electronic waste in developing regions and is a more sustainable solution to toxic landfills. (Harvard University)

Balde a Balde-Safe Agua

A portable faucet that delivers running water from any bucket. For families living without piped connections, it is an innovative and cost-effective way to access many of the health and convenience benefits of running water. (Art Center College of Design)

Blind Assistance Technology Buckle

A belt buckle that helps blind users navigate their surroundings through varying intensities of vibrations, corresponding to laser range-finders as proximity detectors. (Northwestern University)

The BETH Project

A prosthetic socket made from elastomeric bladder, allowing the socket to be adjustable and affordable. The project was inspired by the need to make sockets more affordable and better fitting. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

GiraDora-Safe Agua

A human-powered washer and spin dryer, which increases efficiency and improves the experience of hand-washing clothes. (Art Center College of Design)


By revamping this household good used for sterilization, Ottoclave removes the dependency on electricity, greatly expanding the impact range. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Human-powered refrigeration

A hand-driven thermoelectric refrigeration system powered by a generator, specifically designed to keep vaccinations cool in developing nations. Turning the lever for 5 minutes provides 15 minutes of refrigeration. (Northwestern University)

To see all 50 semi-finalist innovations, visit the James Dyson Award website.

James Dyson Awards

Images courtesy of the James Dyson Awards.


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