11 Stories You Need to Know Today


Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, bank paying interest in ice cream, and the anticipated Wii U launch...Links to start your day with.

Karen Summerson
  • 14 september 2012

McDonalds is counting calories nationwide and introducing healthy options. BrandChannel

‘Hot Toy Reservation’ at Toys ‘R’ Us offers layaway on holiday’s hottest items. ChicagoTribune

Pittsburgh bank pays interest in ice cream. BusinessWeek

No contract wireless provider, Cricket, to carry iPhone 5. CNET

Hype over iPhone 5 – will you even know the difference? TheNextWeb

Boardwalk Empire promotion offers free rides in vintage 20’s cars. BoardwalkEmpireOutreach

New font for Ebay logo after 17 years. AdWeek

Google hosts game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Guardian

London’s PM Gallery & House hosting Eames graphic design exhibition. ItsNiceThat

‘Innocence of Muslims’ YouTube video sparks riot at Swiss Embassy in Iran. Mashable

Highly-anticipated Wii U set to launch November 18th. Examiner

Image via Nintendo Gamer

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