App Lets Anyone Experience The Last 24 Hours Of Pompeii

App Lets Anyone Experience The Last 24 Hours Of Pompeii

An interactive social media campaign brings the life and times of the ill-fated Roman city to life.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 5 september 2012

Carmichael Lynch, USA has launched a remarkable social media campaign and app for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s A Day In Pompeii. The upcoming museum exhibition commemorates the unfortunate volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79 that buried the city of Pompeii under rock, ash, and sulphur for almost two thousand years.

The accompanying interactive social media campaign and website, A Day in Pompeii, lets visitors experience the last 24 hours in Pompeii before the eruption. Visitors can explore the ancient city through an interactive map that renders 360-degree images of the city, read detailed descriptions of life in Pompeii through bookmarked locations, and see the frescoes, marble sculptures, and pottery that once stood in the city (and that are now on display as artifacts in the museum exhibit). On August 24th and 25th visitors could follow the fateful day in real-time through a Twitter-generated eyewitness account of the eruption as told by Pliny the Elder to his nephew:

The museum exhibit opens on September 14th.

A Day In Pompeii

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