Tatzu Nishi has built a structure more than 6 stories up that encloses the Christopher Columbus statue at Columbus circle and features couches and a TV.

Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi’s first public project in the U.S. focuses on the historical statue of Christopher Columbus in New York. The marble statue, design in 1892 by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo, is over 75 feet high atop a large granite column.


For ‘Discovering Columbus‘, unveiled by the Public Art Fund this week, Nishi has enclosed the 13-foot-tall statue in a fully furnished living room. It features tables, chairs, couch, rug, a flat-screen TV, and wallpaper inspired by the artist’s memories of American pop culture. The structure reimagines the statue, allowing visitors to journey up six flights of stairs to get a closer look and giving the impression that Columbus is just part of the room instead of being up in the air. It offers both “a unique perspective on a historical monument and a surreal experience of the sculpture in a new context.”

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