Circuit Board Of The London Underground Is Also A Functional Radio

Circuit Board Of The London Underground Is Also A Functional Radio

Designer Yuri Suzuki creates a working radio modeled after London Tube designer Harry Beck's Underground.

Karen Summerson
  • 14 september 2012

The Tube map is reproduced on t-shirts, bags, and boxers, but never has it been the subject of a technological pun as complex as this – Yuri Suzuki, designer in residence at Design Museum London, has partnered with engineer, Masahiko Shindo, to create Tube Map Radio, an unmasked printed circuit board (PCB) that maps the technology of a working radio.


Following the layout of the London Underground, the design revolves around communication design and responds to modern, sleek electronics like Apple’s iPod.

Suzuki was inspired by various media sources, including ‘Secret Life of Machines’, a British television show that described how various electronics worked. His use of the Tube is surprisingly appropriate: the system is not only familiar to most, but he also cites that its inventor, Harry Beck, used his background in electronic engineering to design the transportation concept with a focus on planning easy routes.

Suzuki documents the creation process pictorially in his blog – the piece will be on view at Design Museum London through  January 13.

Click here to see pictures of the creative process.


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