Musical Symphony Performed By Low Riders 'Bouncing' [Video]

Musical Symphony Performed By Low Riders 'Bouncing' [Video]
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An orchestrated group of automobiles re-envisions mechanical motion as dance, syncing music with hydraulics.

Timothy Ryan, PSFK Labs
  • 27 september 2012

An Albuquerque parking lot played host to a synchronized dance and music routine performed by automobiles that included hydraulics, a wireless audio system, and a DJ.

Officially called “Symphony 505,” which is a reference to one of New Mexico’s two area codes, the performance was part of ISEA2012 Albuquerque: Machine Wilderness. The musical rendition circled cars together and orchestrated hydraulic movements with beats compliments of a DJ and a singer adding live vocals to the mix. Music for the sound systems was controlled by a remote DJ and was complete with horn honking, revved engines and hydraulic rhythms, transforming the low-riders into both musical instrument and dancers. Prior to the performance, the audience was invited to “play” the cars as electronic instruments.

Symphony 505 is an Albuquerque-based project that brings together two commissioned artists, Christopher Marianetti and Mary Margaret Moore, and a community of lowriders.

See video from the performance below:

Symphony 505

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