Find The Best Workspaces On-The-Go Using Foursquare

Find The Best Workspaces On-The-Go Using Foursquare

Looking for the perfect work spot to jumpstart your creativity? A new app maps out the best choices based on user needs.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 13 september 2012

If you’re the kind of person that draws creative inspiration from an ideal work venue, then Work+ might be your best friend when searching for the perfect workplace in the city.

Work+ is a handy app that utilizes location app Foursquare to survey potential spots for you to work in New York City according to your preferences–from noise level, table availability, hours of stay, and even food options, just to name a few. Upon keying in your preferred options, Work+ maps out venues that fit your personal criteria and provides walking, driving, and commuting directions where available.

Work+ also gradually forms a hive network of ideal workplaces by logging in your work hours and overall experience once you finish. If you enjoyed working at a particular hole-in-the-wall coffee place, you may give it a high rating or save it on your mobile map for future reference. This way, fellow workplace hunters can be guided in finding the perfect venue for their ideas.

Check out the demo of Work+ in the video below:



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