Ad Agency Creates Its Own Exclusive Whiskey Brand [Pics]

Ad Agency Creates Its Own Exclusive Whiskey Brand [Pics]

Mother New York brands its new white liquor as fun, contemporary, and cheeky.

Yi Chen
  • 19 september 2012

Mother New York has worked on many ad campaigns for liquor brands, but it’s the first time it has marketed its own. White Pike Whiskey is a collaboration between the ad agency and Finger Lakes Distilling. The master distiller, Thomas McKenzie, create the white whiskey using corn, spelt, and malted wheat.

Unlike brown whiskeys, white whiskeys are unaged when they’re bottled and are better to mix with. Mother has designed a series of ads that are edgy, provoking, and cheeky. Andrew Deitchman, Design Director at Mother and the project lead, explained that:

We’ve always been interested in creating our own brand. We do so much for existing clients but we never get to really live the business. As a designer, you get used to suggesting things like that, and eventually being disappointed when it doesn’t happen. But when you’re acting as the client, you really have to go through the paces to figure it out–things like going out to the bottle factory for meeting after meeting about it.

At the moment, White Pike is only available in New York bars and restaurants starting around $32. All clients of Mother’s will get a tasting of White Pike at meetings. See below for more images of the new product.


Mother New York

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