Musician Generates Music 24/7 With His Brainwaves [Video]

Musician Generates Music 24/7 With His Brainwaves [Video]

Mark Mallman is on a seven-day tour and plans create music even when he's sleeping.

Yi Chen
  • 18 september 2012

Mark Mallman has found an interesting way to produce music using only his thoughts. His new project will have him create music for seven days straight, even when he’s sleeping. Mallman explained that he will be wiring himself with sensors, a heart-rate monitor, and connecting them to a laptop running Ableton Live. The data collected from his heart-rate and brainwave activities will then be turned into music. Mallman explained that, “At night I will create the sound of dreaming while actually dreaming.”

Mallman departed Saturday from New York in his 1997 GMC van and will be touring at Pittsburgh, Detroit, Chicago, Omaha, Denver, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The seven-day tour is being broadcasted live online on Mallman’s website.

Check out the video below for more information about the project.

Mark Mallman

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