Site Calculates The ‘Walkability’ Of Urban Neighborhoods

Site Calculates The ‘Walkability’ Of Urban Neighborhoods

Walkonomics judges and ranks 600, 000 streets in the US and UK to promote the health of local economies and their residents.

Karen Summerson
  • 17 september 2012

If you were ever curious as to the safety and condition of your neighborhood streets, also know as ‘walkability,’ a website called Walkonomics now rates your surroundings by street to better inform pedestrians everywhere of the best and worst areas for walking.

The idea of Walkonomics was created by Adam Davies, an urban planner who was interested in research that showed why people were hesitant to walk in certain areas of their community. In a September 2011 article for ‘Engaging Cities’, Davies argues,

It’s generally agreed that walkable streets, neighbourhoods and cities are a good thing.  Walkable areas produce a whole range of benefits that include less obesity and healthier residents, boosting property values and the economy, fewer traffic accidents, reduced CO2 emissions and maybe even more people walking!

The online source currently covers approximately 600,000 streets in the US and UK and retrieves its information from government-sourced open data and user feedback. Elements evaluated are: road safety, easy road crossing, pavement/sidewalk quality, hilliness, navigation, fear of crime, smart and beautiful, fun and relaxing.

To investigate your neighborhood, visit the Walkonomics website.



Images via Walkonomics website.


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