App Helps Users Find ‘Never Ending’ Relevant Content Across The Web

App Helps Users Find ‘Never Ending’ Relevant Content Across The Web

'NextStories' is a discovery tool that suggests relevant articles from around the web based on what you're currently reading.

Emma Hutchings
  • 10 september 2012

Startup ‘NextStories‘ aims to be a one-click news discovery tool that encourages internet users to switch from one related article to the next across different publications. The platform hopes to offer users never-ending reading material about their favorite topics. There is no registration or set-up with the app, just simply drag the bookmarklet button into your toolbar. Then, while browsing any news site, you can click on the button and snapshots of the latest stories from similar sites will pop-up in a grid layout over the page.

Online App Gives Users "Never Ending" Reading About Their Favorite Subjects

This button allows you to continue reading about your favorite subjects, discover interesting stories, and experience new websites. The articles are arranged in columns, sorted from the most relevant on the left to less relevant (and smaller) on the right. Each column has a timeline, with the most up-to-date stories at the top of the page.

NextStories is currently in beta and optimized for 1000+ U.S. news sites and blogs. As more people use the platform, the quality and relevance will continue to improves. In the future, NextStories plans to introduce a tool that allows for conversations around the content.


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