The North Face Integrates Airbags Into Sportswear For Safer Hiking

The North Face Integrates Airbags Into Sportswear For Safer Hiking

Sports apparel brand partners with ABS to develop the Avalanche Airbag Safety System.

Yi Chen
  • 10 september 2012

As part of its Fall 2012 line, The North Face partnered with Germany’s ABS to create a series of items that include a built-in airbag system. The Patrol backpack and the Power Guide vest are especially designed to help sports enthusiasts from being buried under snow and keep them highly visible for rescue.

By integrating the Avalanche Airbag Safety System, The North Face shows that it’s capable of offering more than just clothing and accessories for cold weather. The one-of-its-kind items inflate when the skier, snowboarder, or climber finds themselves trapped under heavy snow. The airbags equalize some of the extreme density and help the athletes bring the body towards the surface.

The backpack retails for $1050, which includes a nitrogen tank and a starter lever. After you deploy the system, a new nitrogen tank will cost around $50.

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