How To Grow Plants With Real Sunlight In New York’s Underground Park

How To Grow Plants With Real Sunlight In New York’s Underground Park
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The Lowline is the proposal to turn an abandoned underground trolley terminal into a lush park using high-tech solutions like ‘remote skylights.’

Emma Hutchings
  • 17 september 2012

A new exhibit shows how ‘The Lowline‘ (the proposal to turn an abandoned New York trolley terminal into an underground park) would use innovative technology to bring sunlight underground. ‘Imagining the Lowline‘ features the installation of a solar collector, a canopy distributor, and a small-scale green park, to help the community envision the technology.

“Remote skylights” would concentrate natural sunlight at street level, and then channel it underground, generating enough light to support photosynthesis. A 45-foot-long suspended model of Manhattan’s subway grid is also on show, to contextualize the Lowline within the city’s underground spaces.

Growing Plants With Real Sunlight In New York’s Underground Park

Together with additional information on the Lowline project and the community it will serve, “Imagining the Lowline” will engage visitors in a visually stimulating potential future.  We hope it will continue a growing global discussion on the future of new public spaces– and the unclaimed value of our urban underground.

Imagining the Lowline

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