Experience Exotic Cuisine From The Comfort Of Home

Experience Exotic Cuisine From The Comfort Of Home
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Passport Dinners lets anyone 'take a culinary journey' without the need to travel, providing pre-packaged kits for worldly meals.

Kyana Gordon
  • 5 september 2012

Experience a culinary vacation without leaving the comforts of your home. How? Passport Dinners knows how easy it is to get stuck cooking the same old meals week after week, and has come up with a novel idea to try new flavors and ideas. With a mission to deliver quality organic exotic spices and organic DIY dry food kits, Passport Dinners provides several choices for a worldly palate, with options ranging from a Spanish Paella Dinner to a Moroccan Dinner.

Passport Dinner’s DIY Spanish Paella Dinner Kit

The kit comes with a menu, cultural guide, and dry spice ingredients as well as recommendations as to what beverages and music to pair with the meal. For those reluctant to try new dishes, a Passport Dinner may just be what was missing- and without the need for travel, a more much inexpensive way to experience a foreign cuisine!

Passport Dinners

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