The Creator’s Project: Interactive Installation Creates A Piano Out Of Human Voices

The Creator’s Project: Interactive Installation Creates A Piano Out Of Human Voices

This global experience features different individuals singing different notes when they're selected using keys.

Creators Project
  • 24 september 2012

On a Human Scale is an ongoing project to create a growing interactive instrument out of everyday people from around the world. It subverts the perfection of digital technology in order to celebrate the splendid imperfection of people – to breath humanity into the machine and put it back into the hands of the public.

A piano in the center of a space controls a Human Piano projected around the player. Each key triggers a different video of a different person from a different walk of life singing a different note. When played all together they fuse into an awe-inspiring new media choir that is totally under the control of whoever is at the keyboard.

The ambition is to take the experience around the globe, to create a series of localized installations: filming singing portraits and building a Human Piano completely unique to different cities around the world. New York On a Human Scale, Guadalajara On a Human Scale, Shanghai On a Human Scale, Johannesburg On a Human Scale, Zurich On a Human Scale, Mumbai On a Human Scale, Venice On a Human Scale. Each piece will be a one-of-a-kind melodic reflection of the inhabitants of the city while contributing to an ever-growing global human piano.

Originally published on The Creator’s Project. Republished with kind permission.

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