ServicePlan created posters for Barmer Gek health insurance by extracting fat from common food products, like a hot dog and burger, and airbrushing it onto white paper.

Health insurance company Barmer Gek asked Serviceplan to draw people’s attention to the amount of fat contained in the food they eat, so they created a series of posters made out of fat itself. The fat was extracted from a hot dog, burger, french fries, fried chicken, and cake. Then it was used to airbrush designs and typography onto white paper, and no other materials were used.

One poster featured 58g of fat from a burger, another used 29g of fat from a portion of chips, one was painted with 45g of fat from a hot dog, another with 76g of fat from a piece of cake, and the final poster was made using 93g of fat from three portions of chicken wings. The fat posters also included a QR code that led to a video showing how they were made. Click through to see the five designs:

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