Can Digital Tools Help ‘Re-Humanize’ Workplace Interaction? [Future Of Work]

Can Digital Tools Help ‘Re-Humanize’ Workplace Interaction? [Future Of Work]

As PSFK explores how digital services can improve workplace communication, we ask our readers to weigh in and share their thoughts.

Wesley Robison
  • 8 september 2012

PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

When is the last time that you told your boss or co-workers what you really think?

As we create more open spaces and open ways for people to work together, the importance of understanding the quality and effect of how we communicate has become increasingly important. As we continue to shift to digital methods for managing our workflow and interactions, the human factor can’t be simply forgotten.

Completely switching to digital may be more detrimental than beneficial, as researchers have found that the golden ratio for the number of face-to-face meetings to virtual meetings is 1 to 5. We are human after all and benefit from human interaction, wether or not it’s tied to work. We have noticed that innovators are looking to manage the balance of digital to human interaction.

As digital platforms make our communication more open and fluid, managers and employees can quickly gauge sentiments, garner feedback, incorporate it and resolve issues on the fly rather than wait for grumbling from the water cooler or six month reviews. This focused and continuous feedback and awareness and sensitivity to sentiment seek to improve groups from the top down and bottom up.

Here are a couple of examples that we have found of companies looking to connect on a human level through digital means.

Yammer Gauges Employee’s Emotions In Real-Time

Offer Your Boss Constructive Feedback With This Anonymous Tool

MicroEval Aims To Take The Pain Out Of Performance Reviews

What have you seen as companies create strategies for improving communication? Has the shift to digital platforms made workplace interaction easier? Are there aspects that you’d like to see fixed?

Please tweet us your thoughts and ideas to @psfk with the hashtags #FoW #DigitalMGMT, for a chance to win a remote control quadrocopter to help put some power back in your hands and put the fun back into hovering.

Over the next 4-8 weeks we want to start a conversation around what you see as possible in the Future of Work.  Be sure to follow the conversation on PSFK and participate in the daily competitions. Tweet us your ideas to @psfk using #FoW.

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