Samsung Mocks iPhone 5 Early Adopters In New Ad

Samsung Mocks iPhone 5 Early Adopters In New Ad

In its latest advertisement, Samsung goes after Apple's influencers – poking fun at those who wait in line for the company's newest products.

Kyana Gordon
  • 19 september 2012

Samsung‘s latest attack ad is here with an impressive turnaround time seeing that Apple just debuted the iPhone 5 a week ago. Name dropped and mocked are the larger screen, the controversial new Lightning dock connector, and LTE – old news to Samsung Galaxy S3 users. Samsung throws jabs at those waiting in line and throughout the commercial, viewers hear Apple fans describing the new iPhone’s “mind-blowing” features. After a number of people walk by with their Galaxy phones, Apple fans waiting in line ask in disbelief: “Is that a Samsung?”

Following a print campaign launched earlier this week with the tagline “It doesn’t take a genius”  – pitting the iPhone 5’s features against the S3, the jabs continue with this new ad’s concluding voiceover uttering the words “The next big thing is already here.” This assault on Apple toes the line of tongue-in-cheek competitive advertising, with Samsung attacking not the brand itself, but rather their loyal customers, an interesting strategy if they’re looking to convert potential shoppers.

Check out the spot below:


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