The electronics brand sets out to prove that anyone can be a great photographer-- if they have a NX1000 camera.

While the David Bailey pictured below may not be the David Bailey (famous British photographer pictured above), he does have the same name. And although this David Bailey is a promo scheduler by trade, Samsung thinks that he– and 200 other men by the same name, may be just as talented as the David Bailey.

But how could David Bailey, promo scheduler, David Bailey, finance manager, and David Bailey, screen printer, all have the same level of skill as the iconic photographer?

According to Samsung, all it takes is the right camera. And in their latest ‘We Are David Bailey Campaign,' that camera is the new NX1000. To tout the camera's ease of use, the company is asking anyone with the name ‘David Bailey' to try their hand at photography. David Baileys living in the UK can apply to become a photographer, and if they are chosen, will receive a NX1000 and a photography assignment from Samsung. The photos will then appear in the company's print ads and on their Facebook page, showing the world just how easy it is to be a pro photographer with the ‘right' camera.

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