Jason Milligan: How To Keep A Younger Audience Focused [PSFK LONDON]

Jason Milligan: How To Keep A Younger Audience Focused [PSFK LONDON]

The Creative Director at Sesame Labs talks about the newly launched partnership with Microsoft Kinect that is driving children's education forward through interaction.

Yi Chen
  • 23 september 2012

Jason Milligan, Creative Director of the Content Innovation Lab for Sesame Workshop, showed the evolution of educational programming at the PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON. What started off as a just a children’s TV program, has now evolved into digital and interactive products.

Sesame Street recently partnered with Microsoft to develop programming leveraging the Kinect platform. The project has developed a series of interactive programming that are fun and entertaining. Utilizing the motion-sensors of the Kinect, children can now move around their body and use their voice to make things happen on screen.

Three key take-aways from the talk:

  • Microsoft Kinect makes learning more intuitive, interactive, and entertaining.
  • The more someone is engaged with the content, the more they would get out of it. This is especially true for a younger audience to keep them focused without boring them.
  • Sesame Workshop hopes to utilize every other digital platform to reach kids and develop fun and educational content.

Sesame Workshop / @SesameWorkshop

Images via Games Press and GGS Gamer.


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