Shatter This Glass Lamp To Turn It On

Shatter This Glass Lamp To Turn It On
Arts & Culture

A blown glass lamp requires users to take part in its explosive final assembly.

Matt Sabourin
  • 27 september 2012

Created by artists Guillaume Blaichet and Pierre Mourey, the Impact Lamp was designed to elicit a feeling of surprise from its users by making it their responsibility to complete the final explosive step in the lamp’s assembly. Made of blown glass, the spherical lamp comes fully assembled save for the crushed glass at the bottom of the bulb, which is meant to be an aesthetically pleasing coverup for the lamp’s electrical components.

The lamp comes packaged with a glass cullet drip, a droplet-shaped piece of glass leftover from the glass blowing process. With cloth protecting their fingers, users insert the cullet into the interior of the lamp’s main bulb and explode it by pulling out a piece of copper wire that embedded within.

Check out the video to see how it works, and click through the images below for a more detailed look at the project.





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