Users Can Listen To The ‘Soundtrack’ Of Their Sleeping Patterns

Users Can Listen To The ‘Soundtrack’ Of Their Sleeping Patterns

What genre of music would your dreams create? New software creates musical recordings based on your heart rate and movement while sleeping.

Plus Aziz
  • 17 september 2012

Computer scientists from the University of Helsinki in Finland have developed a sleep analysis software which translates data based on sleep patterns into a song by placing sensors underneath a participant’s mattress. The software measures body movement, heart rate, and breathing, compressing an entire night’s sleep into a few minutes of audio data.

Although the final output is interpretive, the project is interesting because it creates a novel way for us to experience sleep data and helps understand it in a new way.

sleep musicalization university of helsinki sleep analysis

According to the University of Helsinki‘s website, their study, titled Sleep Musicalization: Automatic Music Composition from Sleep Measurements, will be presented at the International Symposium on Intelligent Data Analysis which takes place from October 25-27th.

Listen to some of their tracks on their website, Sleep Musicalization.

University of Helsinki

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