Loosecubes is leveraging trends in technology and work lifestyles by developing a co-working community.

Upon hearing about Loosecubes‘ website re-design, PSFK caught up with founder, Campbell McKellar, to dig deeper into how her business capitalizes on trends that are shaping how we work. Read the interview to learn more about Loosecubes and important cultural shifts that that reflect how quickly our office environments are changing.

Tell us about your company and the problem you are solving for.

Loosecubes is the world's largest community marketplace for shared workspace with almost 1,700 spaces in 350 cities and 47 countries around the globe. We connect business owners who have an extra desk, couch, conference room, etc. with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business travelers in need of an inspiring place to work. Starting a business or working remotely can be really lonely. I’ve been through it a couple times. It’s hard to find a productive and affordable place to work on an ad hoc basis. It’s even harder to find one full of people you’d like to spend happy hour with.

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