Urban Farm Made Of Shipping Containers Offers An Option To The Corner Store

Urban Farm Made Of Shipping Containers Offers An Option To The Corner Store

The Farmery wants to combine urban farming with everyday retail, currently raising funds on Kickstarter to build a final prototype of their retail vision.

Kat Popiel
  • 28 september 2012

By combining a unique design of stacked shipping containers and hydroponic growing systems, Ben Greene ‘seeks to make the urban farm as common as the corner store.’ After prototyping for three years, he has brought his Master’s thesis to fruition by creating The Farmery, a resource for the community where they can both grow and purchase local produce.  ‘Customers have the option to harvest their own food and minimize the price,’ he says.  Eager to reduce the harmful effects of large scale farming to the environment and place more prominence on small farmers in the food system,d Greene feels confident, ‘The Farmery is a completely new approach to farming, one that looks for symbiosis rather than the optimization of individual components.  Through this approach we can raise the value of our products and reduce the costs of producing them.’

There are two growing systems at work – gourmet mushrooms on the inside (oyster, shiitake and seasonal mushrooms) and vertical farming (seedlings and micro greens) along the container walls. Four shipping containers are balanced by 2 lean-to greenhouses and a central green house with one of the four containers acting as the food boutique/retail zone.  With no shipping or packaging costs, Green’s experience as an industrial designer using innovative thought and sustainable artistry means he’s now able to provide an alternative option centered around community.

Due to its modular design, The Farmery can scale to increase in size and width and develop larger operations if need be. In addition they’re able to accommodate smaller growers and unique items beyond the regular everyday farming grown by their team.

Greene and his team are very close to reaching their final goal on Kickstarter.

The Farmery

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