Keytree has developed an application that delivers a 3D shopping experience with tailored products in your own home using Microsoft's device.

British software company Keytree has created a new application that lets you virtually browse the shelves of a store when you’re standing in front of the TV. ‘Store Trek’ uses the Microsoft Kinect to deliver a 3D shopping experience that crosses the divide between in-store and online, combining the best of both. It delivers tailored virtual shelves in a store layout driven by a personalization engine you would normally have in an online store.

You can walk around and the shelves will automatically adjust to provide an immersive and engaging experience. You can reach out to a product to add it directly to your basket if you want to purchase it. This cloud-based ecommerce solution could be used to shop for your groceries from Tesco or browse products from Amazon and eBay. You can see ‘Store Trek’ in action in the video below:

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