Walmart Breaks Ground on Largest Green Roof in Portland

Walmart Breaks Ground on Largest Green Roof in Portland

The retail giant is building a 40,600-square-foot EcoRoof in Oregon.

Jeremy D. Williams
  • 5 september 2012

It’s common knowledge that Portland is one of the nation’s greenest cities, and the Ecoroof Incentive Program encourages even more eco-friendly initiatives. Launched in 2008, the program funds up to $5 per square foot for each ecoroof project that adds a vegetated roof system atop local businesses and residences. According to the Ecoroof Incentive Program website, these systems ‘replace conventional roofs with a layer of foliage over a growing medium on top of a waterproof membrane.’ Not only do the ecoroofs help improve the air quality, in rainy climates like Portland, the roofs also help manage stormwater.

The Ramona Apartments currently boast the largest green roof in the city of Portland at 31,600 square feet; the new Walmart roof will be nearly 10,000 square feet larger.

When completed, the Hayden Meadows’ Walmart in North Portland will be a new 90,000-square-foot building that will include a 40,600-square-foot Ecoroof. It will be Walmart’s second largest private green roof, as the retailer’s Chicago location boasts the chain’s largest green roof with its 70,000-square-foot EcoGarden. The store will also feature several other environmentally-friendly components, including skylights and lighting systems with daylight monitoring, flooring made from recycled fly ash, and a HVAC system that will recycle heat produced by the building’s freezer units. Both the lower and main portions of the roof will be covered with vegetated systems, and the ecoroof will be visible from the I-5 freeway in North Portland.

Maryhelen Kincaid of the East Columbia Neighborhood Association spoke about the benefits of the project in a recent press release:

Ecoroofs can extend a roof’s lifetime by two or three times, create habitat for birds and insects, and contribute to the North Portland community’s well-being. We applaud Walmart for creating a store design with innovative and cutting-edge technology that meets the goals of sustainability in the Portland Plan and we look forward to having a new shopping choice nearby.

Walmart’s Sustainability Page

Image courtesy of the City of Portland.

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