Triple Pundit: Are Whole Foods & Wal-Mart Being Honest About What’s 'Local'?

Triple Pundit: Are Whole Foods & Wal-Mart Being Honest About What’s 'Local'?

The mega-chains are being questioned about how they define the perimeters of their produce labeling.

Triple Pundit
  • 19 september 2012

While locavores are busy these days debating the new Stanford research about the benefits of organic food, there’s an older debate they haven’t settled yet. This one concerns Wal-Mart and whether it can help scale up local food.

Wal-Mart’s vow in 2010 to double its sales of locally-sourced produce by 2015 created two camps – those who believe this step can take local food to the next level and those who suspect this is just another form of good old Wal-Mart greenwash that will have no substantial impact on local food.

One of the claims of the latter group is that Wal-Mart uses a very flexible definition of ‘local,’ making the term almost meaningless. There are also slips, like one reported last week on the Consumerist, where a bag of apples from Chile was presented as “locally grown” at a Wal-Mart store in Washington. While these sorts of accidents can happen, the main question is still if Wal-Mart actually benefits the local food movement, or just greenwashes its customers as well as other stakeholders?

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Original article by Raz Godelnik. Originally published by Triple Pundit, republished with kind permission.


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