Koubachi's waterproof monitor pokes into the soil and uploads data to the company, which then send you notifications about exactly when and how to care for your plants.

Koubachi‘s wi-fi plant sensor gives your house plants a voice, by telling you when to water them and whether the room is too hot or cold. The $99 waterproof sensor pokes into the soil to measure moisture, temperature and light, and transmits this data using low-power wi-fi to the Koubachi Plant Care Engine.

Based on scientific care models for individual plants, Koubachi diagnoses their vitality and sends you alerts telling you exactly when and how to care for them. There are detailed instructions about watering, temperature, positioning, fertilizing, and misting. Koubachi's service keeps a week-long record that lets people check the status of their plants on a web or iOS app. Watch Koubachi's video below to find out more about the system:

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