Tiny Wooden Box Is A Real World Spotify Radio

Tiny Wooden Box Is A Real World Spotify Radio
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'Skube' is a small touch-controlled music player that streams songs and can be used to discover new music or play your favorite pre-loaded tracks.

Emma Hutchings
  • 19 september 2012

Skube‘ is a tiny radio that streams songs from and Spotify. The fully working prototype was developed by Andrew Nip, Ruben van der Vleuten, Malthe Borch, and Andrew Spitz, as was part of the Tangible User Interface module at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID).

Skube allows you to discover and share music, and facilitates the process of choosing songs when in a communal setting. A ‘Playlist’ mode plays the pre-loaded tracks on your Skube, while ‘Discovery’ searches for similar songs so you can find new music you might like. When multiple Skubes are connected they act as one collaborative player that shuffles between all the playlists and can be controlled using any of them.

Tiny Wooden Box Is A Tangible & Spotify Radio

The touch-controlled music player can be flipped to change the modes, tapped to play or skip songs, and set on its front to turn it off. The API is accessed to populate the Skube with tracks and scrobble, and their algorithms are used to find similar music when in ‘Discovery’ mode. Applescript is used to get Spotify to play the music, and XBees is used for the wireless communication between the Skubes and to a computer, which uses custom software to manage all of this. Check out the video below to see the Skube in action:


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