Are You Able To Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance? [Future of Work]

Are You Able To Maintain A Healthy Work/Life Balance? [Future of Work]

As PSFK explores how people are separating work from play, we ask our readers to weigh in and share their methods.

Matt Sabourin
  • 8 september 2012

PSFK Presents The Future Of Work

Is your job a rewarding and fulfilling part of your life, or is it a time and energy drain that leaves you stressed and exhausted at the end of each day?

Lately, there has been a shift in the work-leisure dichotomy as a result of advances in technology. A recent study looking at mobile phone trends shows that more than 110 million Americans own a smartphone. More technology means that we are always connected, making it even harder for us to switch off from our job’s duties even when away from our desks.

That we are facing a global recession further compounds the problem, with employees expected to work longer hours to remain valuable in a competitive work environment. A study from Good Technology found that 80% of Americans continue working after leaving the office, checking email from their bed before they go to sleep as well as first thing when they wake up. Further, the study reveals that the majority of us are working an extra seven hours per week outside of normal working hours – adding up to nearly 30 extra hours per month. It seems that the 40-hour workweek has become an outdated construct in the age of the mobile workplace.

For a bit of inspiration, check out this TEDx talk by Nigel Marsh titled How To Make The Work-Life Balance Work:

According to a poll by the American Psychological Association, work/life balance is more likely to motivate employees to remain with their employers than benefits and salary. Some employers have begun recognizing the value of helping their employees maintain a healthy balance by encouraging them to take time off and keep their hours under control. And while we might not be able to control the amount of work that piles up in our inboxes, there are ways in which we can avoid overload.

Below, we’ve highlighted two examples that show how companies and individuals are keeping workloads in check between the hours of 9 to 5.

Volkswagon Deactivates Blackberry Emails To Off-Duty Staff

Desktop App Breaks Up Time For Better Work Flow & Time Management

PSFK is asking readers to tell us how you maintain a healthy balance between work and the rest of your life. Do make an effort not to check your email after office hours? Does your employer take care of your dry cleaning and pack your kids their lunches while you work on your Powerpoint decks? If you mange to pull off a healthy work/life combo, then please share your methods with us and the rest of our readers. 

Tweet us your work/life balance strategies to @psfk with the hashtags #FoW #WorkBalance, for a chance to win one half of the relaxation equation – an Amazon Kindle Touch. Add a warm beach or  hammock (or both) and, before you know it, you’re relaxing like professional. Best part is, not many people know you can check your email with the Kindle, so you won’t be expected to do any work while you’re busy taking it easy. 

Over the next 4-8 weeks we want to start a conversation around what you see as possible in the Future of Work.  Be sure to follow the conversation on PSFK and participate in the daily competitions. Tweet us your ideas to @psfk using #FoW.


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