$13 eReader

$13 eReader

German company txtr has introduced the small and lightweight device that lets users download ebooks through their other mobile devices.

Emma Hutchings
  • 11 october 2012

German company txtr has introduced the txtr beagle, a $13 small and lightweight eReader. It is 5″ tall, 5mm thick, 128g, and features an eInk display. The eReader doesn’t have wi-fi, instead connecting with a smartphone app via Bluetooth to receive eBooks.

There is no need for chargers, cables, or installation, and the product comes with two AAA batteries that “enable users to read for more than one year.” These can simply be replaced when they run out and their location in the device creates an elegant and ergonomic shape that rests easily in the palm of your hand. The txtr beagle can also be personalized with back-covers in four bright colors.

Meet The $13 eReader

Users can start reading any of the preloaded eBooks or book previews in seconds by simply turning on the device and making their selection. It communicates with the smartphone app to add more eBooks, which can be transferred with just one click. Settings such as font size and orientation can also be adjusted using the app. txtr wants to work with network operators to help increase the number of consumers reading digital books, and the company is in talks with potential partners in Asia, Europe, and the U.S.


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