3D Printing With UV Light [Video]

3D Printing With UV Light [Video]

Students at the Southern California Institute of Architecture have created Phantom Geometry, a machine that can create models using rays.

Emma Hutchings
  • 16 october 2012

Kyle and Liz von Hasseln developed ‘Phantom Geometry’ for their masters thesis in architecture in Robot House at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). The project, which was awarded the inaugural Gehry Prize, can create models using light.

According to Co.Design, their system is similar to a 3D printer, with two robotic arms that complete the printing process. One supports a digital projector controlled by the designer, while the other holds a sticky resin. When the UV light hits the resin, that part hardens and remains in place as the soft resin not hit by light falls away. The resin can be continuously and selectively cured in this way, creating a 3D printed shape.

This system of fabrication relies upon native real-time feed-back and feed-forward mechanisms, and is therefore interruptible and corruptible at any time. The streaming data input may be transformed or modified at any time, and such interventions impact emerging downstream geometry.

SCI-Arc Robot House

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