An African renaissance movement is spreading Kuduro across the globe with dance, music, fashion, and language.

A small African subculture has now turned into a youth renaissance movement of song, dance, language and fashion that is spreading throughout the globe and garnering attention from famous fashion designers and artists. Encompassing pulsating music, expressive dance and colorful fashion, Kuduro is a unique form of expression that is emerging from the continent and seeping into the cultural zeitgeist.

The global initiative designed to introduce this movement is called Os Kuduristas. It seeks to bring Kuduro’s powerful form of expression to cities in Europe (Stockholm, Amsterdam and Paris) through interactive events and programs in September and October 2012. From educational music exchange programs, to staging street dance battles and inviting participants to experience this lifestyle first-hand at live events, the movement is introducing some of Kuduro’s hottest choreographers, wildest performers, and distinctive fashion design to the Western world.

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