American Flag Reinterpreted As 50 Different Infographics

American Flag Reinterpreted As 50 Different Infographics
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Created for the (Re)Flag USA project, MGMT. design came up with images that reveal statistics about the country.

Emma Hutchings
  • 22 october 2012

MGMT. design has rebranded America by creating 50 flags for SFMOMA’s (Re)Flag USA project. The flags double as infographics to reveal American statistics about health care, education, voting, religion, etc. The new flags are based on the current conditions of a changing nation.

Design Studio Reinterprets American Flag In 50 Designs That Double As Data Infographics

These new standards utilize data visualization in a heraldic form to reveal facts about our country, from the obvious to the sublime: 1 in 32 Americans are in prison, 3.2 percent of us are vegetarian, and 1 in 4 of us has been on TV. While sometimes superficial, these new metrics reveal aspects of America that go deeper than traditional patriotic symbols.

Click through the images below to get a sampling of the interesting and sometimes depressing statistics, and you can view all of the flags and their accompanying explanations here.


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